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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Are you buying Health Insurance or Medical Insurance??

What is the different between Health Insurance and Medical Insurance?

For most people, it sound the same. Only till recently I see the different myself.

You pay premium for "Medical Insurance" to ensure you can afford to pay medical bills when something bad (illnesses) happens. You don't want to go bankrupt because of medical bills. You don't want to limit your choice of hospitals when you need one. Therefore, you buy "Medical Insurance".

So, what is Health Insurance?

Who sells "Health Insurance"?

For me, many people sell health insurance but they are not insurance agent. People like your parent, your relative or even you colleague has been trying to sell you Health Insurance.

Health Insurance is
* Healthy Lifestyle
* Eating Right
* Sleep Enough
* Supplement since we can't get enough from food

Do you agree Health Insurance is more important, or at least equally important as Medical Insurance?

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